Special Announcement - all invited

BOOK LAUNCH: Lakenite Learning Wednesday 9th March @ 5.30 p.m.

The Story Behind the Story: Biography of a Navajo Medicine Man

Told by Elroy Begay.  Crafted by Valerie Albrecht. Published by Austin MaCauley London

(Valerie Albrecht teaches writing “From A Dream To A Book” at Lakenite – this is her third book)

Native American traditions are rich and enigmatic to many, with populations sadly dwindling & protectiveness over the culture that remains.  

In this book, Valerie Albrecht, Australian Biographer of Indigenous Peoples, writes the life, work & world views of Elroy Begay, a Navajo Medicine Man who unexpectedly invited her to do so. The telling & scripting spread over four years of meetings & conversations, living within his family & community on Chinle Reservation Arizona, attending & assisting his ceremonies & researching.  

Included is knowledge on the Navajo Creation story; time honoured traditional medicine & ceremonial practices which are permissible to be written; information on reservation family life & Elroy’s philosophical perspectives. As well, Albrecht shares her processing of what proved to be an intensely paradigm shifting experience for both herself and Elroy. 

Interwoven throughout, is Elroy’s creed & core principle of acceptance: acceptance of your history, your culture, yourself & your uniqueness, & for the ‘hand’ you have been dealt – Elroy is a paraplegic medicine man living, practising & being cared for between two ways of life & two sets of health conventions. He tells The Story Behind the Story to preserve it, to bring hope & pride for his people.