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  • Painting with Acrylics**


Term 1 Start Date:   Course Length: 8 weeks (2 hrs/ night)
Term 2 Start Date:
Term 3 Start Date:
Term 4 Start Date: 19-Oct
Course Time: Thursdays, 06:30 - 08:30 pm
Teacher: Cherylynn Holmes
Minimum Students:  6 


Course Description


This course will involve painting and drawing techniques with colourful Acrylic Paint.

Quick drying Acrylic paint is ideal for Night classes and I like to encourage colourful and experimental pathways with modern applications and at the same time show my students practical methods of painting with correct brushwork, colour and application from the beginning of a canvas to the final coat of varnish.


This course is suitable for both beginners to advanced students.


Materials List 

Students should acquire beforehand:

- A basic set of Acrylic Paints with a variety of colours including black and white. Some brands to consider are Reeves and Cromacryl
- Two containers for water
- A paper pallet to mix your paints
- Pain rags
- A set of small, medium and large bristle brushes
- Painting canvases and boards will be available for purchase on the day from the teacher. Alternatively, you may bring your own
All of the above are available from art shops or discount stores.

- Addition Each student = $15 payable to the teacher to cover general materials and consumables.

Extra $$:   The teacher could supply specific canvas' and paint for students to purchase (at cost) throughout the course (upon request).



About The Teacher

Ms Holmes holds a BA Visual Arts, from the Canberra School of Art and the National Art School, Sydney.
Cherylynn Holmes has a wide range of Art experience in many techniques of painting and drawing.  She has worked in a variety of professional positions as an illustrator, textile designer, and stage artist for theatre and dance performance. Her major projects however have always been in painting and drawing.  She has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions and has a working studio at Gorman House Arts Centre.  Cherylynn is currently a volunteer guide at the National Gallery of Australia.  She has conducted recreational Acrylic Painting and Drawing classes for some years and likes to encourage her students to find an individual way to bring forward personality and signature styles.


Teacher Contact Information


Teacher contact information for further details about this course:

Email: stellars1@bigpond.com




Student Lisa Weissel 2016: 


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Painting with Acrylics**

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