Career Opportunities


 Recent Requests for Topic Areas - seeking Expressions of Interest For Teaching 


 - Metal Work: Welding

 - Knitting: Designer Socks

 - Bollywood Dance


 - Edible and medicinal fungi (short workshop; possibly incorporating a cooking demo)

 - Scottish Highland Dance (on Saturdays/ or weeknight evenings)

 - Victorian Lampshade Making, & Recovering An Existing LampShade

 - Wood Carving





New Courses – Teaching Opportunities


Thank you for your interest in teaching opportunities at Lake Nite Learning.  Teaching can be an enjoyable, rewarding, and a personal growth experience. 


We are actively seeking qualified and experienced individuals to offer courses in new topic areas to cater to the broad tastes of our growing community’s dynamics.  Suggestions are welcome in each of our program curriculum areas:  Arts & Crafts, Recreation & Relaxation, Business & Finance, Recreation & Relaxation, Languages & Creative Writing, and Health & Wellbeing. 


Teachers or instructors are employed as contractors in each term-program to deliver courses at times which are convenient for people who live and work in the Canberra region.  Currently, classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and on Saturdays.


Most courses are conducted on the campus of the UC Senior Secondary College Lake Ginninderra.


Generally we invite a fresh call for Expressions of Interest to teach in the fourth (4) week of each term.  


If we have an opening for your topic area, please fill out the New Courses teaching opportunities link. What we will need from you is to develop a simple course description, including course structure and summary of course content, and method of delivery (eg 50% technical discussion via power point slides followed by 50% prac work/ interactive online tutorial/ YouTube video demonstrations etc).  You’ll need to consider duration ie if you feel the course should be a short workshop for 3 classes x 1.5 hours, of if it should run the full 8 weeks term x 2 hours.


On the Lake Nite Learning website there are a variety of courses to refer to for guidance.  You'll need to consider important things the public will want to know:

  • A  course title which is succinct - generally three (3) words, suitable for the limited space on our marketing flyers which are locally distributed 
  • A course-description of the course for publication on this web site in sufficient detail to allow readers to gauge the likelihood that the course will meet their needs
  • The nature of your potential audience
  • The likelihood that our normal advertising (ie our website, and marketing flyers) will reach your target audience and suggestions for additional approaches if required
  • A  suitable format (workshop/ course/ session length/ number of sessions)
  • The facilities and resources that are likely to be required eg a student materials list
  • Your ability to deliver a course in a friendly, competent and enthusiastic manner – ie your bio/ experience/ qualifications


Existing Courses – Nominating an Expressions of Interest


We are also seeking candidates for relief and shadow-teachers for existing program topics.


From time to time we require teacher substitutes, on a temporary or more permanent basis. If you would like to register your interest in teaching courses which are already in our program, please do so.  Although vacancies may not exist in the current program, they may become available in future programs.


Please indicate in the New Courses teaching opportunities link if you wish to be considered for teaching opportunities for existing program courses.


Please refer any enquires to email , or phone 02 6142 0221


cour prop  Course Proposal Form


"What nights/ times were you looking at having us? ": 

- LNL's program is conducted on separate evenings Monday to Thursday, or Saturdays.  Generally our courses run on separate fixed nights for 2 hours x 8 weeks, or Saturdays for shorter workshops.  Your course might be more effective for 1.5 hours in lieu of 2 hours.  If you nominate a couple of different evenings now that suit you, this will help us in the planning stage.

“What are your average class sizes?":

- This is dependent on a number of considerants; the nominal average is around 15 students, while some courses are capped at 10 due to resource/ equipment availability, and others are hosted in large rooms where 30+ students can function actively participate.  Some courses have been running for 20 years and have built up a dedicated following of around 20 individuals which fluctuates from term to term.  New courses sometimes take time to build up.  Our minimum number of students for your course might be 8 people, with a maximum class size of 10; this is then considered quorum and the course can go ahead if this minimum number of registrations is met.  However, if quorum enrolments are not met, the course is deferred to a following term.  Sometimes it can take 1 term for a new course to build up a following before it commences, so the earlier we publicise, the greater the opportunity for public expressions of interest.

"How does payment, registration and admin for each group and the students who attend work? How does advertising of classes work?":

- Marketing is organised by LNL; being established for over 20 years, the program has built up a solid reputation and following that keeps growing.  The LNL program runs on paid enrolments, which is fully co-ordinated by LNL admin.  LNL is a not for profit organisation.  The admin office operates on a part time basis to keep fees down to the paying public.  Fee's charged depend on a number of factors including course duration, materials etc.  All teachers are remunerated on a standard flat rate.  Please contact us to make an appointment after 5.30pm Monday to Thursday during normal Term running weeks.

"How long is a term and what are the dates?"

- There are 4 terms, aligning close to public school terms. Terms last for 8 weeks.  Marketing for a next term commences approx. 6 weeks prior; there is a discount offered for early online enrolments.