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  • Pilates (Matwork) - Beginners*


Term 1 Start Date: 7 Feb Course Length: 8 Weeks (1 hr/Night)
Term 2 Start Date: 09-May
Term 3 Start Date: 25-Jul
Term 4 Start Date: 17-Oct
Course Time: Tuesday 7.00 – 8.00pm

Michelle Green

Minimum Students: 8


Course Description:


Pilates builds a strong core (ie the core musculo-skeletal system that keeps us upright) stability which helps to improve posture and flexibility.  Pilates will help you focus your attention on movement and breathing, leaving you centered and relaxed after each session.  


Note: this course is designed for people who are generally fit and healthy.  For example, it is not suitable for pregnant women, or for rehabilitation for injury individuals, or for individuals with disc pathologies.  Completion of a LNL medical history form will be required prior to the class.


Materials List


Please bring a mat and small towel to each class


About The Teacher


Ms Michelle Green is a fully qualified Pilates instructor, who has been involved in Pilates for many years, conducting classes in the local region for over 2 years.

Teacher Contact Information


To find out more about the class contact the teacher via: michellemily@hotmail.com




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Pilates (Matwork) - Beginners*

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  • $120.00

Important Enrolment Information


If the quorum minimum number of students are not met, the course will be cancelled, and your payment refunded to your card.

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