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  • Meditation With Stuart (Wednesdays)


Term 1 Start Date:   Course Length:

7 Weeks (1 hr/ night)

Term 2 Start Date: 03-May
Term 3 Start Date: No
Term 4 Start Date: No
Course Time: Wednesdays 7:30pm - 8:30pm

Stuart Amoore

Minimum Students: 5


Note: Last term for 2017, this course will not run in Term 3 and Term 4 as teacher is unavailable.

Course Description 

Mindfulness is an essential ingredient of meditation. It is about being aware in a wise and skilful way.

There are four mindfulness exercises said to have been described by the historical Buddha approximately 2550 years ago and they are still studied and practiced today; they are: mindfulness of body, mindfulness of feelings, mindfulness of mind and mindfulness of mental phenomena.

The sessions are 45 minutes long and involve 10-15 minutes of reading followed by 30 minutes of meditation. The readings will explore each of these four mindfulness exercises and the theme of the meditations will be based upon the methods and exercises that we have studied.


Material List


If you wish to sit on the floor you may like to bring a cushion/s as well as a mat or blanket to sit on and anything else that will enable you to feel comfortable. If you prefer to sit on a chair, chairs are available. Please dress in a way that also enables you to feel as comfortable as possible.


About The Teacher


Stuart Amoore was introduced to meditation at the age of 18 by university lecturer and meditation instructor, Ray Reardon. That first experience led Stuart to commence practicing meditation regularly. Now 44, Stuart is married with three children and meditation is a part of his daily life.  As well as practicing meditation on his own, Stuart has also been involved with various meditation groups throughout his life and organised and facilitated meditation groups of his own, starting at university whilst a student and later in workplaces and other public venues.  Stuart leads the Canberra Bhāvanā Society: a group devoted to the study and practice of meditation. Bhāvanā means cultivation.  Meditation is key to mental cultivation; enabling clarity, peace and happiness. Practicing meditation may lead to deep states of calm and stillness as well as wisdom and understanding.


Teacher Contact Information 


For more information, please visit http://canberrabhavanasociety.org, or

email stuart_amoore@yahoo.com.au or phone 0421 137 417.





Meditation With Stuart (Wednesdays)

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  • Spaces Available: 15
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