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Term 1 Start Date:   Course Length: 8 weeks (2 hrs/ night)
Term 2 Start Date:  
Term 3 Start Date:  30th July 
Term 4 Start Date:  22nd October
Course Time:

Tuesday 7:00 - 9:00pm 

Teacher: Bao Qin
Minimum Students:

Course Description

This course will develop the four (4) language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for those people who are beginners and who want to travel, work, carry on business, or live in China.  For this course, students will learn how to read and write Chinese characters, in addition to learning pinyin, grammar and the culture.  This is inevitably a multilevel course.  You should only enrol if you accept that instruction will be structured on this basis.  Ms Qin Bao will explain her approach in the first lesson.

The course will aim to progress through two (2) stages:


Stage 1. This stage is for true Beginners and it includes: greetings, farewells, introduction, family, friends, hobbies, and birthday parties


Stage 2. This stage is for people who have completed Stage 1 or an equivalent of any other Chinese course.  For this course, it includes time, routine life, date, visiting, study, shopping and culture.  This stage has a strong emphasis on reading, listening and speaking skills



Materials List


TBA - contact teacher


About The Teacher 


Ms Bao Qin is from ShangHai, China.


"I have seven (7) years of experience teaching Chinese at a weekend school in Canberra.  I have many years of experience teaching Chinese to overseas students in Shanghai.  I love teaching Chinese.  I plan different learning programs to suit different levels of students.  In my program plan, I have included daily conversation, reading, listening and writing in both Pinyin and Chinese Character.  I will also discuss traditional culture in my class in which I would like to make learning a fun experience for all students."


Teacher Contact Information


Email: qin_qb@hotmail.com



Mandarin - Beginning (Tue)

  • Class Code: 042
  • Spaces Available: 10
  • $210.00

Important Enrolment Information


If the quorum minimum number of students are not met, the course will be cancelled, and your payment refunded to your card.

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