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  • French - Beginning (Tue)


Term 1 Start Date:   Course Length: 8 Weeks (2 hrs/Night)
Term 2 Start Date:
Term 3 Start Date:  25 Jul
Term 4 Start Date:  17 Oct
Course Time: Tuesdays 6:00 - 8:00pm
Teacher: Dr Maria-Suzette Fernandes-Dias
Minimum Students:

Course Description

This course will stress the different aspects of communication rather than elaborate the aspects of grammar (although, unfortunately, grammar is indispensable in language learning).  The idea is to be able to speak some of the languages at the end of the course, including:

  • Introducing one's self / introduce others
  • Presenting one's tastes and preferences
  • Describing one's self/others
  • Make plans for the weekend
  • Invite people
  • Tell the time and schedule for the day
  • Write simple messages, informal letters
  • Communicate over the phone
  • Prepare a menu
  • Order a meal
  • Reserve a room in the hotel (over the phone and through a formal letter)
  • Describe one's house, write a simple advertisement for a house


Materials List

Materials supplied by students: students to bring their own notebook and stationery

Materials supplied by teachers: course handouts


About The Teacher

Dr Maria-Suzette Fernandes-Dias has taught French as a foreign language, comparative literature, francophone literature and Linguistics and Methodology of the Teaching of French as a Foreign Language to students pursuing a two (2) years MA course in French.  She has also imparted French language skills to professionals in specialised areas like tourism, hospitality management and cuisine, and also to secondary school students


Teacher Contact Information


Email: suecherie@rediff.com




French - Beginning (Tue)

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