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  • Dance from Shakespeare to Jane Austen and beyond
Term 1 Start Date: Course Length: 6 Weeks (2 hrs/ night)
Term 2 Start Date:
Term 3 Start Date:
Term 4 Start Date:  30th Oct
Course Time: Mondays 7:00 - 9:00pm
Teacher: Dr John Gardiner-Garden
Min Students: 6


Course Description

Learn fun dances that were once all the rage!  From 16th century pavans, galliards, almains, branles, courants and country dances, to 19th-century reels,  quadrilles, jigs, waltzes and dance games.  Dances for couples, trios, sets and circles, in all different rhythms from Italy, France, Germany, England and Scotland. Bring the Renaissance, Baroque, Georgian, Regency and Victorian-eras alive and build new skills in a fun friendly social atmosphere. Three hundred years of fun and romance.  There’ll even be opportunities to attend balls presented by the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy!  


Material List

Any comfortable shoes or socks are fine (or dance jiffies for the ladies will be available on first night for just $20)


About The Teachers

Dr John Gardiner-Garden is an internationally-recognised authority on early dance who has taught all around Europe and North America, has published fifteen (15) books on dance, produced eight (8) CDs of dance music, and is the director of Canberra's Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy 


Teacher Contact Information

To find out more about this course contact Dr John on:



Dance from Shakespeare to Jane Austen and beyond

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