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  • Jane Austen Era Dancing
Term 1 Start Date: 6 Feb Course Length: 8 Weeks (2 hrs/ night)
Term 2 Start Date:  No
Term 3 Start Date:  No
Term 4 Start Date:  No
Course Time: Mondays 7:00 - 9:00pm
Teacher: Dr John Gardiner-Garden
Min Students: 8


Course Description


Learn fun dances that where all the rage in Jane Austen's day (and a little each side of it)/from late 18th century minuets, cotillions and country dances to early 19th century reels, waltzes and dance games, dances in all different formations and rhythms, from all across Europe.  Bring the romance from the past to life, build new skills, have fun in a friendly social setting, and walk with us, as if in a movie, into the 3 evening balls that will be part of the Jane Austen festival to be held at the Ablert hall on the 21/23 April 2017!


Note: as a suggestion, students might like to join one of the LNL sewing courses to tailor a period costume in preparation for the annual Jane Austen Festival, Canberra, balls and period reenactments.


Material List


Any comfortable shoes or socks are fine (or dance jiffies for the ladies will be available on first night for just $20)


About The Teacehers


Dr Gardiner-Garden is an internationally-recognised authority on early dance who has taught all around Europe and North America, has published fifteen (15) books on dance, produced eight (8) CDs of dance music, and is the director of Canberra's Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy 


Teacher Contact Information


To find out more about this course contact Dr John on:-





- Up-coming 2016 Jane Austen Festival right here in Australia - see http://janeaustenfestival.com/

- Course participants are welcome to attend monthly dance socials/ balls, see: http://www.earthlydelights.com.au/upcoming


Jane Austen Era Dancing

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