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Term 1 Start Date: Course Length: 6 Weeks (1 hrs/ night)
Term 2 Start Date: 24th April
Term 3 Start Date: 31st July
Term 4 Start Date: 23rd October 
Course Time: Tue 6:30 - 7:30pm
Teacher: Richie Araneta
Min Students:

Course Description

First-time beginners level and Continuing 


The guitar is a versatile instrument; we will explore approaches to learn the basics of music. We will explore major and minor chords in the open form.  You will learn to play songs and various guitar techniques. 


The course aims at introducing music through guitar in a class environment:


  • learn how guitars can be tuned effectively .. including the enlightened (electronic tuner) method;
  • Understanding the fretboard - a fundamental understanding of the instrument to develop learning
  • Learn to play the common Guitar Chords
  • Strumming - Techniques, you will learn a few simple strumming patterns to use for songs
  • Music theory - Music theory will be discussed at a beginner level
  • Song study - An extract of  a song will be learned as a method of learning the guitar techniques


At the end of the course, you will enhance your appreciation for music and develop an understanding of the guitar.  


Material List

 Bring your guitar (acoustic or classical), pen and paper, and your passion for music  (no guitar is provided)


About The Teachers


Mr Richie Araneta has been playing the guitar for over a two decades.

"Learning the guitar was an enriching journey for me.  I picked up the guitar in high school and learned many different styles through the years. Playing the guitar helped me keep calm and balanced.  I have refurbished broken guitars, installed pickups into acoustic and electric guitars. With the basic chord skills and various strumming techniques has equipped me to have played in a band and on stage." 


Teacher Contact Information

 Regarding the course, please contact Richie rizalaranetaii@yahoo.com for more information




Guitar Basics with Richie (Tue - 6 weeks)*

  • Class Code: 027a
  • Spaces Available: 10
  • $120.00

Important Enrolment Information


If the quorum minimum number of students are not met, the course will be cancelled, and your payment refunded to your card.

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