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Term 1 Start Date:   Course Length: 8 Weeks (1 hrs/ night)
Term 2 Start Date:
Term 3 Start Date: 26-Jul
Term 4 Start Date: 18-Oct
Course Time:

Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30pm 

Teacher: Patricia Gray
Minimum Student:


Course Description

To enrol in this class, dancers must have a previous knowledge of tap dancing from either tap dancing beginners or through previous experience. This class expands the knowledge and skills learnt in beginners


Materials List & What To Wear

- Tap shoes, character shoes or similar leather sole shoe
- Clothes that you feel comfortable in and are not restrictive


About The Teacher


Ms Gray has been tapping since primary school.  She has attended different schools and styles throughout her tap dancing journey and found Lakenite Learning in 2006.  Attending as a student since then, she progressed to teaching in 2010.  Coming through as a student of the class, Patricia has the knowledge to carry through dances from earlier teachers for a continuous learning package


Teacher Contact Information 


Email: patricia.gray@apsc.gov.au




TBA - nil


Tap Dancing - Intermediate*

  • Class Code: 093
  • Spaces Available: 6
  • $120.00

Important Enrolment Information


If the quorum minimum number of students are not met, the course will be cancelled, and your payment refunded to your card.

If you have any queries respectively, please refer to our sundry terms and conditions under the "Enrolment Information" drop-down menu, or see our frequently asked questions page to see if your query is answered there.

Alternatively, you can contact our friendly staff via the contact details provided on our contact page.